"I would like to thank you for helping me overcome my phobia of flying.

Over the last 30 plus years I have not been able to get on an airplane without experiencing severe panic attacks and making life very uncomfortable for those flying with me.  In order for me to be able to fly any distance I would need to be medicated to the point that I had no recollection of the flight or even the lead up to and after the event.

Since my sessions with you I now believe that I am completely cured.  So much so that we have just returned from an overseas trip and I can say that I traveled the 20 hours to Europe free from any medicinal help after only one session from you.  When we returned and after another session I was ”back in the saddle” and we traveled to Brisbane. Once again free from any “assistance”.

I am regretful that I never went to you years earlier because I now am able to look forward to flying and experience all those things I missed over the years.

Once again thank you very much for your help."
(L.T, Dingley)


Sugar and Lolly addiction?  GONE !  Out of control portion size? Under control for the first time in 25 years!  Feeling hungry or deprived all the time?  No longer happens!  I now eat "in the moment" which makes food taste better and is more satisfying.  I have tried every diet imaginable, but only now as a result of Kerry's wonderful and supportive hypnotherapy programme, can I control my food related demons and I have returned to my ideal weight.  Food no longer controls me or my life.  Thankyou Kerry

Irena N Bentleigh


Dear Kerry, I just wanted to write and tell you again how thankful I am for your treatment.

As you know I've been suffering with a sleeping problem for at least four years.  I have tried many things but yours has been the only approach which was successful.  What I especially liked about you was that you really listened to me and treated me in accordance with my own unique take on the issues and didn't box me in to any particular category with other people.  You didn't try and keep me coming back and were very straight up and honest with how many treatments it would take, as well as giving me tips to utilize at home which I am still doing.  For the first time in four years I have not taken one sleeping tablet, and I have slept every night, even when there's been a lot happening the following day.  All thanks to you.  Thankyou so much, you changed my life.

Nadia C  Balaclava


"Having just closed our business 'to get a life' after 50 years of full time work, strangely my blood pressure rocketed up and I could not slow down plus I had gained weight.  Kerry Strachan came to the rescue with the Virtual Gastric Band therapy and after a few sessions with her, plus sitting quietly each day listening to the hypnosis CD she provided, my blood pressure has gone down, I am looking after my eating, lost some kilos and quite frankly, feel a million percent better.  Thank you Kerry"

B. Hermon Richmond