Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, precise soft tissue modality which can bring about dynamic positive change, both physically and emotionally.  Specific moves are carried out on the soft tissue with the aim of releasing muscular tension and promoting improved ease of movement.  Clients generally report a feeling of deep relaxation during treatment.  Bowen therapy is beneficial for all ages.  Older people often find they appreciate the gentle nature of the treatment.


Bowen Therapy has many applications.  The following are just some of the ways it may be beneficial

.  Upper back and neck pain

.   Headaches

.  Carpal Tunnel syndrome

.  Asthma

.  Lymphatic Drainage

.  Parkinson's disease - particularly in partnership with John Coleman's"Return to Stillness" programme

.  Lower back and leg pain

.  Hormonal balance